Edie .

 Helloooo everyone.  I am the big 51 .  It was a hard number to hit for me.  The only thing that saved me was my love for fitness and small business.  I have a B.A. and a M.A. in political science.  I also have a few crazy certificates as well.  Such as .... mediical lab tech (got that in the army) Bartending School (ya never know when you need to make a good cocktail) real estate school,  Aerobics and Fitness certification (so long ago , I let it go) Hypnotherapy (kinda weird)  Did I mention brown belt in karate.  Although don't ask me to kick very high, its not happening. Currently I am a licensed cosmetologist an just opened the Live Tuff Salon .  Yes, I am always in to something. I love small business and have done quite a few.  I have also been single for over 10 years.  I  enjoy hanging out with Cortnee and Ryder my two children.  I also love working out,  fashion, motorcycles, animals, and just being silly.


Hi there! I am 23 and recently  graduated college with a B.A. in Psychology.I played College softball at a Division II university and played on scholarship all four years. I am a certified personal trainer doing one on one training and group classes. I also compete in Fitness/bodybuilding shows in serch of my Pro card. For as long as I can remember I have had a love for sports and fitness. I always say I grew up in a gym  because my mom developed two gyms and we actually lived in a apartment connecting to one of them.  I spent alot of time in the gym environment. So by watching my moms love for fitness there was no denying I would love it too. While I have always been athletic I still struggled to find that sweet spot with my body.  It wasn't till this past few years that I started incorporating the knowledge that I grew up with into my everyday life. I have learned the importance of changing your diet and exercise.  My goal is to help young girls understand how simple diet and exercise can be, and that they can be happy in their own bodies.  There are so many diets, pills, shakes, and just bad media that has lead our  young girls to do some pretty terrible things to themselves.  I truly hope to be an inspiration to each and every one of them. I plan to share my stories, my workouts, my meals, and my daily struggles so that others can see how easy it is to Live Tuff. 

Hey my name is Cindy. I am 42 years young.. A mother of 3 and grandmother of 2 .. I have been married for 23 years to Frank who is a wonderful husband and father. I have done a little bit of everything.  When you have a best freind like Edie you find yourself in a school every year.  We have done real estate, bartending, hypnosis, college courses, and licensed cosmetologist.  I have  also started a new journey in which I have recently lost 50 pounds. Lets just say I was not into fitness and I sort of was in denial, Oh heck I will just say it ! I knew I was over weight but just kept hiding in bigger and baggier clothes.. This year I had to go live with Edie while going to school.  It has been fat camp, Edie style.  LOL.  What I found out was Edie was right.  You can eat and lose weight.  I have learned to like exercise and incorporate it into my life.  I still have 40 pounds to go, so stay tuned